Garmin 610 is Waterproof Rated at IPX7

May 31, 2013

On running forums over the web, one make of is becoming symbolic of Gps navigation watches. When someone posts about “my Garmin”, you realize they’re seriously interested in their training. The manufacturer’s latest watch may be the Forerunner 610. It requires everything Garmin is aware of sport technology, puts it inside a better product and causes it to be simpler to make use of.

The 610 eliminates the touch bezel from the Garmin Forerunner 410, which we criticized to be a hopeless mixture of both too sensitive when you won’t want to utilize it and unresponsive whenever you do. The bezel seemed to be an element from the Forerunner 405 and was a good idea in writing, but we don’t run in writing. Real runners run at nighttime and also the wet and also the rain, along with a wet sleeve would activate the 410’s back light or open various menu options throughout a good work out.

Instead, Garmin is promoting a resistive touch screen that’s remarkably responsive, without having to be too sensitive, and responds towards the user’s deliberate touch. What it really lacks within the premium feel of the capacitive touch screen it a lot more than comprises for in functionality because it may be operated while putting on mitts, something that’ll be a welcome development to non-fair weather runners.

The 1in LCD inch screen is obvious to see with a decent back light, operated having a button on top right from the face. The screen’s 128×128-pixel panel is sufficiently small for that watch to not dominate your wrist such as the Timex Global Trainer, but nonetheless big enough to become read clearly additionally, it has good viewing angles.

Unlike the older, waterproof and frankly massive Forerunner 310XT, the 610 is waterproof ranked at IPX7, meaning it may withstand being immersed for half an hour in a depth of 1m. It passed our test of running in heavy rain, but it’s not meant for swimming, and also at this premium cost, you’d be ultra-marathon crazy to challenge the rating.

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